Nomon 'brisa' Clock, Oak And Brass

With a floral-like silhouette that takes shape courtesy of a series of folded oak wood strips, Nomon's 'Brisa' clock is a striking timepiece. Paired with hands and hour marks that are cut from brass, the Barcelona-made wall clock is an elegant and memorable addition to spaces.

Nomon 'sunset' Clock, Walnut And Chrome

Designed by Spanish brand Nomon, the 'Sunset' clock is a striking time keeper defined just as much by its voids as it is by its components. Featuring a box and hands made from chromed steel and standalone hour marks cut from walnut wood, the distinct clock presents a versatility that is suited to a variety of spaces.

CONTEMPORARY STYLE orologio tavolo charles radius 054-1

orologio tavolo charles radius 054-1 struttura in acciaio e vetro. quadrante in mdf e carta. funziona a batteria 1xaa 1.5v non inclusa. da assemblare. - dimensioni in cm. 20x10.5x49.5 h

Nomon 'ciclo' Clock, Walnut And Brass

Defined by a series of subtle folds present in a collection of walnut wood strips, the 'Ciclo' wall clock is a simple yet impactful addition to modern spaces. An appealing contrast between the clock's straight strips and the rounded face they combine to create is perhaps the clock's most standout detail, but there's also something to be said for the small rounded pips that mark the hours. Paired with a duo of stylish brass hands, this finishing touch completes the uncomplicated and stylish aesthetic, crafted by Spanish brand Nomon.